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"Greek into Arabic" in the Magazine of Bochum University

In the Spring 2012 issue of RUBIN, the scientific magazine of Bochum University, prof. Gerhard Endress, dr. Rüdiger Arnzen, and dr. Yury Arzhanov present the "Glossarium graeco-arabicum".
Prof.  Gerhard Endress and Dr. Yury Arzhanov

Prof. Gerhard Endress and Dr. Yury Arzhanov

The scope, method, and contents of the research conducted by the Bochum team are outlined in this article, whose title runs "Greek Learning in Arabic Language". The translations into Arabic of the main philosophic and scientific works of classical and post-classical thought are studied and made available through a fine-grained analysis that establishes on firm grounds the evaluations of the historians of science and philosophy.

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Volume 2, 2012 of "Studia graeco-arabica” is on line. >
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