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28.03.2012 By: Ouafae Nahli - Simone Marchi, ILC/CNR, Pisa

Greek into Arabic charts the past to anticipate the future

Cecilia Martini presents "G&A Web Application" at the UniversitĂ  degli Studi di Padova, with the ILC/CNR Team and Cristina D'Ancona

Dr. Cecilia Martini

"G&A Web Application" allows the scholars interested in the comparative analysis of a Greek text and its Arabic version to see on the screen, and search both of them. This system, created by the ILC/CNR team of research, proves to be useful to check the Arabic version either of a single word, or of a sentence. Both texts are searcheable; in addition, each Arabic word is linked to the Greek word (or words) it translates, and vice versa each Greek word is linked to its Arabic translation, or translations. The system shows the narrow and broader contexts in which the term appears, allowing in this way the reader to appreciate the nature and quality of the translation (for instance, either literal or not). This new, effective system designed for the pseudo-Theology of Aristotle in relation to Plotinus' writings will be made available for a larger set of philosophical and scientifc texts translated from Greek into Arabic. A demo has been made to an audience of professors and PhD students of the UniversitĂ  degli Studi di Padova by Cecilia Martini; a video conference was activated with the ILC-CNR team in Pisa, and with C. D'Ancona.

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