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Bibliography record

Author: Akasoy A. - Burnett Ch. - Yoeli-Tlalim R.
Title: Astro-Medicine: Astrology and Medicine, East and West.
City: Firenze
Publisher: Sismel Edizioni del Galluzzo
Year: 2008
Series: Micrologus' Library 25
Other: The volume contains the following articles: Nils P. Heeßel, "Astrological Medicine in Babylonia"; Vivian Nutton, "Greek Medical Astrology and the Boundaries [End Page 120] of Medicine"; Hilary M. Carey, "Medieval Latin Astrology and the Cycles of Life: William English and English Medicine in Cambridge, Trinity College MS O.5.26" (with a transcription of William English's middle English translation of De urina non visa on pp. 55-74); Concetta Pennuto, "The Debate on Critical Days in Renaissance Italy"; Y. Tzvi Langermann, "The Astral Connections of Critical Days. Some Late Antique Sources Preserved in Hebrew and Arabic"; Anna Akasoy, "Arabic Physiognomy as a Link between Astrology and Medicine"; Vivienne Lo, "Heavenly Bodies in Early China: Astro-Physiology in Context"; Audrius Beinorius, "Astral Hermeneutics: Astrology and Medicine in India"; Vesna A. Wallace, "A Convergence of Medical and Astro-Sciences in Indian Tantric Buddhism: A Case of the Kālacakratantra"; Ronit Yoeli-Tlalim, "Tibetan Medical Astrology"; and Dorian Gieseler Greenbaum, "From Lilly to Steiner and Jung: Temperament in Astrology and Psychology, Seventeenth and Twentieth Centuries."