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The co-investigator of “Greek into Arabic”
Andrea Bozzi is the Director of the ILC/CNR (Pisa), one of the leading scientific institutions in the field of text processing system development, computer assisted textual criticism and computerized linguistic corpora analysis.

Angelo Mario Del Grosso is a Computer Engineer. He is specialized in networking, multimedia, Web technologies.

Emiliano Giovannetti is a researcher at the ILC/CNR in Pisa. He is PhD in Information Engineering and he works on Natural Language Processing, Ontologies and Semantics.

Simone Marchi is a researcher at the ILC/CNR in Pisa. He is specialized in NLP, Term Extraction Ontology, Semantic annotation, Web content filtering.

Ouafae Nahli is Reasearch Fellow at the ILC/CNR Area della Ricerca di Pisa.

Nilda Ruimy is Senior Researcher at the Institute of Computational Linguistics of the National Research Council (CNR-ILC), in Pisa. She acts as the scientific coordinator of a wide multi-level computational lexicon of Italian language.